Irene Diaz – "Crazy Love" (Official Video)

There are some kind of dimensions that drive me crasy in love…

Like Haiti Chérie from Ti Corn; Aranjuez from Paco de Lucia: Azteca from Gary Jennings; Victoria Falls from SouthAfrica; Passion from Fruit; Dark from Chocolate; Roses from Pepper: Compère Général Soleil from Stephen Alexis; Olive Pulp from the Buena Muerte; Shogun from James Clavel; The Magic Flute from Mozart; Für Elise from Beethoven; Lily Marleen from Marlene Dietrich; Azul from Lila Downs;  Gouverneurs de la Rosée from Jacques Roumain; Bleu from Kielowsky; Les Uns et les Autres from Claude Lelouch; Caribean from Sea; Un Homme et une Femme  from Claude Lelouch,; El Brujo from Alejandro Chaparro;  Pulp Fiction from Quentin Tarantino; L’odeur de la Papaye Verte; Shibumi from Trevanian; In the mood of love from Won Kar Wai; Silk:  The Jungle Book from Rudyard Kipling; Cette Nuit la Liberté from Larry Collins &Dominique La Pierre; Sinuhé el Egipcio from Mika Waltari, Sahel from Desert; Jasmine from you know, ….Tinariwen recently because of you and me on road movie…

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