Stand up and let us walk at the end of the rainbow

«Dear minds and hearts
Give us just one door
And we will escape from troubles

Dear moods and emotions
Give us just one wing
And we will return to freedom

Dear thoughts and feelings
Give us just one fire
And we will dance with elements…

We are running into the circle of life
We are remastering our roles in history
Welcome  to this new cycle of reflection, wisdom and learning
Let’s shake hands and share, dear Friends!
Let’s dance with waves and winds
Resist, stand up, smile
Keep walking over the rainbow!!!

Bye bye 2018! Hi 2019!!!» Ximena López Arias

«P.S.: Do you have the feeling something is going to turn upside down right now? I do, we do, there are thousands of us making the transformation of our destinies, muting wrong habits into eco-friendly customs, performing creative ways of beeing and living in respect, tolerance and solidarity with humankind and with other species of our Blue Planet, our Home: Earth;-)

«Give me one reason and I’ll turn my back around» used to sing the wonderful Tracy Chapman and after, this young magnificent interpreter Athira Fajrina. I say: let’s back to the future,over come challenges, recover forces and go on, keep walking, beeing happy!»

Ximena López Arias


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